Karmøy Geddon Bus

There will be a shuttle bus from the Hotel in Haugesund to Karmøy Geddon.

Haugesund Airport

The closest airport to the festivale is Haugesund lufthavn, Karmøy. See Avinor pages for direct routs. It is about 10 min by car from the festival. See map.

Direct flight to Haugesund:

  • From Gdansk, see https://wizzair.com/
  • From Copenhagen see http://www.sas.no/

Stavanger Airport

There is a bigger airport in Stavanger. See Avinor pages for direct routs. It’s about 2-3 hours by bus and ferry to the festival. First you have to take the airport bus to Stavanger sentrum. To get from Stavanger to Karmøy/Haugesund it is easiest to take bus to either Håvik Terminal or Haugesund. It is cheaper to buy tickets on the internet. There are two bus companies:


Bergen Airport

It is also possible to take plane to Bergen. See Avinor pages for direct routs. First you have to take the airplane bus to Nestun. Then you have to change bus to either Haugesund or to Håvik Terminal:


Local bus routes