Karmøygeddon Kick-Off

En mnd før Karmøygeddon Metal Festival starter kjører vi ett Kick Off på 1866 i Kopervik og vi bare måtte ha kick offet i Kopervik på samme sted som festivalen finner sted.

Dunderbeist besøker Haugalandet igjen med ny plate i bagasjen som har fått navnet “Hyklere” som kommer ut 2 Mars på INDIE RECORDINGS.

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A extra band for you guys since it is christmas tomorrow.More rock n roll for ya.
SISTER SIN will appear on UNO stage on Friday 1 May .

Tickets here www.ticketco.no

Karmygeddon CREW will also wish everybody a merry CHRISTMAS and thanx a lot for all the support through 2014.

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KVELERTAK Will headline Friday 1 Mai on next year Karmøygeddon Metal Festival.

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DRACULA (Jorn Lande &Trond Holter )

Jorn Lande and Trond Holter (x Dream Police) present DRACULA on Gassco stage 2 May on next Year Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2015.
This will be their first gigg in Norway and their debut album will be out 23 Jan on Frontiers records

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The legendary UDO will play next year Karmøygeddon Metal Festival Friday 1 May and this will be the only show on the West coast.

Udo has been recording and touring for 35 years with Accept and Udo.
He will have a new album out very soon also.

Tickets here www.ticketco.no

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4 bands announced for KarmøyGeddon 2015

Karmøygeddon metal festival have announced 4 bands to the 2015 lineup


ARCH ENEMY will co headline Saturday 2 May with their new vocalist Alissa White Gluz.
The band says they are very happy to be back again and will give you a hell of a show

Us and the band are very happy to announce

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